Saturday, March 17, 2007

Are children gifts of God?

Do children just come into existence randomly/by chance when a sperm fecundates an egg or did God somehow make the two 'meet' at exactly that moment?

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Carol said...

There are some things that God orders and some things He allows us to do on our own. Either way, He is Sovereign - in control of absolutely everything. He can cause something, or allow something.

Ex: God instituted marriage and within that boundary - children. But if an unmarried couple has a baby, that is not God's will but goes against it because it is outside the boundaries of marriage. So to say that He caused that baby to be born is incorrect. He allows us to do things and use our own minds and exercise our own choices. But if we go outside His will (hence disobey Him) then we must reap the consequences. Some sins have their own natural consequences and some don't under He judges.

But if a child is born out of wedlock, that doesn't mean that the child is a pieces of garbage because even though the child was conceived in sin, that child has life and God IS Life!