Friday, November 2, 2007

Suicidal tendencies in Paradise?

There was no Death in Eden before the Fall, right?

So how could Adam and Eve have known what 'death' or 'dying' were supposed to mean and that this was something bad?

Did God explain this to them in a private session that's not recorded in the Bible? And if he has explained the concept to them then why would their first reactions afterwards be to want to commit suicide? Did they realize that they were prisoners in a golden cage, alive but unaware and unconscious? Did they realize that they had to break out of the nest in order to grow up and be able to think for themselves?

Usually people commit suicide because they have lost hope and/or because they want to escape their own private Hell.

So what exactly did God tell them?

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Carol said...

We don't know the extend of their knowledge because it is not recorded. But we what DO know is that they disobeyed God and ever since, man has reaped the consequences.

As far as being prisoners in a gold cage - it was not like that at all. There was no sin, no sickness or illness, no crime, no death, pure heart and conscience, no lustful or dirty thoughts, no greed, no murder (because there was no death), no fornication - in short, they lived in paradise which was perfect and pure. And ever since they disobeyed God, you can see how their "thinking for themselves" has destroyed the rest of humanity!!! (look at what the world has become as a result with all manner of crimes) So I would take His perfect, sinless paradise over ANYTHING that we humans have done as a result of our "thinking for ourselves." By God giving them boundaries, it was for THEIR own good. It wasn't to oppress them or keep them for spreading their wings. Any commandment He gives us is for our own good and if we disobey, there are consequences. And Adam & Eve's disobedience had HUGE consequences which still affects us today.

Also, just because there was no death before the fall does not mean they didn't know what death meant. I've never had cancer but I know what it is and that it's a bad thing.