Sunday, February 11, 2007

Necessity of a Creator?

Christians claim that an external creator has created the Universe because somebody had to create it. But God on the other hand didn't, according to them, need to be created. 'He' just was or came into existence on his own.

But if it's possible for a God to exist without a prior cause why would it be impossible for a universe to exist without cause? Why couldn't the Universe just have created itself (via the Big Bang for example)?

And why couldn't God be the Universe and vice-versa (pantheism)?


Hidden One said...

I have very little time, but I will answer one small facet of your question.

"But if it's possible for a God to exist without a prior cause why would it be impossible for a universe to exist without cause?"

Because God exists outside time, and the universe exists within time. Outside of time, the notion of 'sequence' is rather a moot point.

I forget exactly where, but somewhere in the Bible you said you've read is the phrase 'Before you [past-tense verb along the liens of 'were created], I AM.' God lives in the eternal, and is not at all constrained by time. [And if you think about it from a different angle, God, a supposedly omnipotent being, could not possibly be limited to traversign within time, for that would be a limitation of His power.] Incidentally, ever heard the phrase 'Alpha nad Omega' inr eference to God?

Hopefully that helps a bit.

Sincerely in Christ,
Hidden One

Daldianus said...

And is there a proof that God indeed exists out of time?

Hidden One said...

Well, if He exists in time, time has power over Him. If He exists as the Bible claims, He is omnipotent. If He exists purely within time, He is not omnipotent. Adn we also get the thorny problem of 'who created time?' for it is by the laws of time that something must start and end in the first place.

Daldianus said...


Well that doesn't really answer my question, does it?

Carol said...

As far as "proof" that God exists outside of cannot measure Spirit (God is Spirit) using physical or earthly means. No scientist could prove or disprove God or His existence using physical, tangible measures because again, He is Spirit. But we have EVIDENCE of God existence which is PROOF for anyone that has FAITH.

The Big Bang theory is a crock - so is evolution. Something could not be created out of nothing. Stuff doesn't just happen and then things get created. But God, since He transcends time, always WAS and IS - so there is no starting point.

Anything creatED has a starting point and ending point, but God is eternal so He does not have a starting point. He WAS and IS.