Saturday, February 3, 2007

Was Jesus a puppet?

After having read the Bible and if the interpretation of the fundies is correct then Jesus was nothing but a puppet. A supernatural puppet, created and sent by God to fulfill a mission that couldn't fail. The outcome was fixed from the start: He HAD to be nailed to the cross as a blood sacrifice to atone Mankind's sins. Which also means that the people had to act the way they did so this goal was to be achieved. Since apparently this blood sacrifice was the only way. So much for freewill: Judas HAD to betray Jesus in order to help Jesus to fulfill his mission.

And after having served his purpose, the puppet would be called back and 'be whole again'. And since it was only an artificially created puppet in the first place, the concepts of 'pain', 'suffering' and 'sacrifice' become obsolete. Because what do these concepts mean to a robot or golem? Or a supernatural being? A supernatural, omnipotent being only has to feel 'pain' if it wants to. And if it WANTS to feel it, where's the sacrifice?

But if the puppet wasn't omnipotent and omniscient at the time and therefore the pain felt real to him, then the puppetmaster was abusing his puppet. Assuming the puppet was a sensitive being.

All things considered, the puppet simply was the remedy for a problem that wouldn't even have existed if God hadn't created it (or the conditions for it). The whole thing is a charade. A cosmic soap opera. With a somewhat crappy screenwriter though. But people love comforting, even though illogical, stories. Especially when they're scared.

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